Hey friends,

I hope you had a great Christmas.

I have decided to start my own blog again - if you’re new, welcome to the party. 🥳

If you don’t know my German Gen Z Trends and Insights Newsletter (Mr. Jugendarbeit) - check it out here. This new blog will probably be more of a public journal to help me process my thoughts. I'll treat it as a diary, and see how it grows over time. Or dies.

For this newsletter, I’ve made a list of some random items. I’ve also included my favourite books, podcasts etc.

Hope you enjoy 🎁


🎇 Some of my Favourite Things of 2021

📚 Books

📕 Being an Artist - I seem to find more books through YouTuber recommendations, this influencer marketing seems to work. Thanks to Ali Abdaal, I discovered Austin Kleons books »Steal Like an Artist«, »Show your Work« and »Keep Going«. They gave me a new perspective on monetizing content creation in the non-profit sector by reframing my identity as an artist. Junior artist.

📕 Mental Health - I recently finished the book Winning the War in Your Mind by Craig Groeschel. My favourite application was the »God box«. Writing worries down, putting them in the box and entrusting them to God. However, when starting to worry again, you have to take it out with the words »God, I don't trust you enough with this«. Sneaky Craig.  

Craig Groeschel and Bobby Grunewald with a group of influencers in Germany 2020. Copyright Helge Eisenberg, Willow Creek Deutschland

📕 Marketing - I’ve also been catching up on Pat Flynns Superfans: The Easy Way to Stand Out, Grow Your Tribe, And Build a Successful Business. I find myself talking about his wifes Backstreet Boys story a lot to fellow marketers. Knowing grammar, they chose to sing »Quit Playing Games With My Heart« to speak like their target audience. 16-year-old Teenagers after a breakup. Focusing on »experiences like these that create superfans is more important than any other activity in business«, says Pat.


💡 Leadership - The Carey Nieuwhoff Leadership Podcast by Carey Nieuwhoff - Captivating conversations with leaders from all kinds of backgrounds, sold me on focussing on my character. Carey made my day when he responded to me on Twitter. This needs to go up on my office wall. Can you recommend a framing service?

✍️ Quote of the Week

From Axis, a great source for parents and mentors interesting in connecting with their teenagers.

📹 Casey is Back

I’ve enrolled in Casey Neistats crash course in filmmaking to help develop more of a filmmaking habit - it's a month-long course that teaches the basics of his filmmaking process that made him the inspiration for my first vlogs. It starts up in January 2022: Want to join me? Here's my affiliate link.

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