1. "The Data Report" by Youthscape: This report, titled "Translating God: The Trend Report," is a goldmine of insights. Compiled by Youthscape after two years of meticulous research, it sheds light on how Generation Alpha students perceive and respond to the Gospel. But it's more than that - it's a vivid snapshot of the shifting dynamics in the lives of the UK's youth over the past decade. The report analyzes publicly available data from the past ten years, including over 21 data sets and 90 research papers. The findings, categorized into six key areas - online life, behavior and lifestyle, mental health and well-being, identity, values and beliefs, relationships, and education and career transitions - are perhaps the most comprehensive data on Europe's young generation available today. I'm planning to translate and discuss this report in an upcoming webinar. Your support and contributions towards this endeavor are always appreciated.
  2. "Tools of Titans" by Tim Ferriss: This book is a treasure trove of wisdom from the outliers of our time – the thinkers, doers, and pioneers. Ferriss, in his unique style, has condensed the essence of his wildly popular podcast interviews into this book, giving us a glimpse into the minds of some of the most successful people in the business world. It's a must-read for any content creator looking for inspiration and practical advice.
  3. "The Awe of God" by John Bevere: In a rare find, Bevere's book delves into the concept of fearing God in a way that renders the fear of human opinion irrelevant. It's a thought-provoking read, potentially explaining why C.S. Lewis chose to represent Jesus as a lion in Narnia. Books like this are scarce, but they deeply resonate with the youth. Another similarly inspiring and thought-provoking book is "Surprised by Fear" by Nathanael Bubenzer.

On the audio front, I’ve been captivated by two significant interviews:

  1. MrBeast's Annual Interview with Colin and Samir: Jimmy Donaldson, a.k.a MrBeast, is a phenomenon in the YouTube world. In this interview, he shares insights into his life, divided into three intriguing segments: his fitness regime with accountability partner and fellow YouTuber Airrack, the intricate process of creating epic YouTube videos (like the five-month preparation for his laser video), and his successful foray into the candy business.
His advice to young people, "Do what you love for a really long time and you will make money with it," resonates deeply with me, and I believe it's a mantra all content creators should live by. Adding a personal touch, I recall Colossians 3:23-24: "Do it for God," which aligns beautifully with this ethos.
  1. Interview of John Crist by Carey Nieuwhof: This interview with the Christian stand-up comedian is a raw and honest reflection on overcoming personal struggles. Crist’s journey of grappling with past mistakes and finding redemption is moving and instructive, reminding us of the power of authenticity and vulnerability in our personal and professional lives.

John Crists new show

I'm excited to let you know that Carey Nieuwhof will be at the Willow Leadership Congress 2024 in Karlsruhe, an event I am eagerly anticipating.

Thanks for reading!

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