Andy Fronius

It's my dream to inspire world-changers. My name is Andy Fronius and I work as a Youth Ministry Developer and Filmmaker.

You will get inspiration for youth ministry from me.

As an ordained pastor I have been working with youth for the past decade in churches and schools in Germany, Switzerland and Romania. Most recently I helped establish Young Life in Switzerland. On my YouTube channel Mr. Jugendarbeit I upload inspiring videos for youth workers.

What I Do


I provide inspiring training for groups and individuals in the areas of youth development, marketing and digital church.


Between 2010 and 2017 I led One Arrow Media a web design company with 8 staff and more than 30 clients.


I am passionate about Photography and Filmmaking. With Mr. Jugendarbeit I have launched a German-speaking youth ministry training channel on YouTube.


With Young Life Switzerland I helped build a youth organisation through fundraising, recruiting and training.