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Andy serves with Young Life Switzerland and is the High School Pastor at Crossroads International Church of Basel. He is passionate about preaching and equipping others to do ministry effectively. You can check out his projects here.

I love to communicate in creative ways, to craft new projects and to set up pioneers for their success. On my website you’ll find articles on practical theology, youth ministry, creativity, productivity and leadership. To make sure you don’t miss anything, you can signup for my newsletter.

I was born 04.th of July 1987 in Mediasch, Romania. I am married to Ana-Maria whom I’m still madly in love with after more than seven years of marriage. I have a passion for Christ and adolescents. I love to invest time in developing relationships and walking with kids through this important time of their lives.

Education & Work

After finishing High-School I studied theology between 2006 – 2012 at Staatsunabhängige Theologischen Hochschule Basel (www.sthbasel.ch) and Theologisches Seminar St. Chrischona (tsc.chrischona.ch). During this time I was working as youth pastor (www.gjw.de) and started my communications & design agency One Arrow Media. Since 2012 I have been working as Chaplain at Freie Evangelische Schule Lörrach (www.fesloe.de) and fell in love with the great work of the youth organisation Young Life (www.younglife.org). Today I am working with with youth in Basel, Switzerland in various roles as coach, pastor and youth guy.

How to get in touch

If you’d like to see how my online life looks like outside of my blog, you can follow me on twitter. I’m also on facebook (who isn’t these days). You can also send me a message if that’s your case.

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